Park Tavern News

Item: Burger Night
Every Thursday 5pm - 9pm
Description: We have been working with Nigel Wilcox (our friendly butcher next door) to find the best meat for our burgers and the wonderful Paul Robinshaw from Flour, Salt, Water for the brioche buns.
Choose from a selection of burgers and toppings, click the link below to download the menu;
Location: The Park Tavern
Item: Next SciBar - Monday 23 March 2015
Sparks Will Fly - High Voltages At 50,000ft
High Voltage
Description: The design of aircraft electrical systems has been revolutionised as hydraulic and pneumatic systems are replaced by electrical alternatives. This has resulted in the need to transport large amounts of electrical power across the aircraft. The new Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner’ and Airbus A350 now use voltages that can reach up to 1000V. With only one-tenth of atmosphere pressure and temperatures that can vary from -50C to 200C, managing the electrical discharges that 1000V can create is far from trivial. This talk explores the rationale for the use of high voltages in an aircraft and the reasons why the management of those voltages is more challenging in the aerospace environment.
Ian Cotton is Professor of High Voltage Technology at the University of Manchester and works in a high voltage laboratory that includes a 2MV impulse generator, 800kV AC and 600kV DC test sets. A Chartered Electrical Engineer he works on a range of aerospace and power system research projects.
And remember, for anyone turning up early, the Student SciBar will be on at 5:30pm and they will be presenting “Natural polymers and their usage in the natural environment”.
Event starts 6.30 pm. As always, anyone from Junior School age onwards is very welcome. You don’t need to be an expert. Just bring an inquisitive mind!
Food will be served from 4pm until 8pm.
Location: The Park Tavern
Item: Discussion at the Park - Inequality
Wednesday 8 April - 7:30 to 9:00
Description: This session will discuss “Inequality”. There is widespread concern that society is becoming more unequal. Does that matter? What can be done about it? What do we mean by “inequality” anyway?
No prior knowledge required. Free of charge.
Discussion at The Park - Macclesfield’s place where moral dilemmas,
philosophical ideas and the real world meet for a discussion over a snack
and a drink.
The idea goes back to Socrates – asking big questions, discussing them with others, and learning together in an informal way. Inclusive and good humoured, the discussions are open to anyone from aged 16yrs onwards.
The group is supported by an education charity – The Raymond Williams
Foundation – see the website below.
Free of charge. For more information, contact David Whalley on
Location: Park Tavern
Item: Pictures in the Park
Our very own 27 seater boutique cinema
Description: We show films every Thursday and Saturday evenings and alternative Sundays at 8pm.
We have some of the latest films and also some classics, and it’s all free.
Click below for the Pictures in the Park website with all the film listings for the next 4 weeks.
Location: The Park Tavern
Item: Quiz Night every Monday
Big prizes, great fun!!
Description: Big Prizes with all the fun of a great big quiz, every Monday from 8:30pm.
Item: We are now Cask Marque accredited
Item: Book one of our meeting rooms
Description: We have a small room available to use in the evening for meetings in a relaxed environment, and if you shut the door it can also be private. It seats up to 20 people and it close to the bar!!
We now also have an upstairs meeting room which seats up to 40 people, very private, not as close to the bar!
We can also provide a projector screen, there are plenty of power points and we have a PA system if you need it.
All meeting rooms are free of charge to use.
Item: Please ‘Like’ our new Park Tavern Facebook page
Item: Moravka Lager
Available in 4.4% or 5%
Description: We only sell one draught lager and that is because not only is it the best craft brewed English Lager it is also locally produced.
Czech style lager brewed by Taddington Brewery near Buxton.
Now a permanent feature this is an unpasteurised pilsner with lots of taste available in both 4.4% and 5%.
Item: Park Tavern Bar
Description: Bollington Brewing Co. beers lined up on the bar at the Park Tavern.
We have five of our own beers, one guest ales, and two guest ciders all on hand pumps.
We also have locally brewed Moravka Lager on tap, click on the link below for more information about Moravka.
Location: The Park Tavern
Item: Pictures of the Park Tavern
Description: Click the link below to see some photos of the Park Tavern through the ages.
A big thank you to Paul Wreglesworth, pub and brewery historian for providing the old photos.